The Social Activity Committee of ISA Umami


Chairwoman: Anke Schatorje
Vice Chairman: Nicole Vernhout
Secretary: Lieke Verdonk
Treasurer: Paul Seck

What do we do?

Parties, parties, parties… and a lot more fun activities to make studying in Venlo awesome!

As the Activity Committee, we want to make people have fun and do nice things together. Venlo is an upcoming student city and we organize events such as distillery visits, movie nights, walking dinners, hiking and running or maybe even paintballing. Like the previous year, we will have some bigger events like the traditional Member Weekend and the Pub Crawl. This year we are proud of regaining an old tradition: the Cantus!!

For us, the most important thing is that everybody feels welcome and will gain lots of unforgettable memories and a collection of crazy pics for their grandkids later!

The Activity Committee members feel honoured to be able to make this happen and hope to see you all around!!

Student life at the University is about studying, learning new things but it’s also about having a
good time doing fun things and meeting new people. There comes our Committee, we exist so
that we can provide you with fun and exciting activities throughout the year to make your
student experience the most enjoyable possible!!! Made up of a dynamic Team full of resources
& ideas Michelle, Maartje, Pim and myself will bring to you events such as Pub Crawl, Member
Weekend, Secret Santa Dinner and more 

Contact us:

The Business Committee of ISA Umami


Chairman: Jorick van Meijeren
Vice Chairwoman: Sandra Jenniskens
Secretary: Jill Picauly
Treasurer: Vincent Couckuyt

What do we do?

The Umami Business Committee aims to build and improve relationships with companies active in the food industry. The best food product developers are trained in our master’s programme and we want to create awareness for this fact among potential future employers.  The Business Committee organizes several field trips for students to be able to interact with people working in the food industry and experience what a future career may look like. In 2017, one of this field trips will take place locally during a food truck festival in Venlo, while another takes place during a weekend trip in Brussels.  We are looking forward to making 2017 a great business year for Umami! 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail:



The Educational Committee of ISA Umami


Chairwoman: Nicol Nijssen
Vice Chairwoman: Mirte Klomp
Treasurer: Laura Reitsma
Secretary: Thanyathorn Wongnitchakul

What do we do?

As the Educational Committee we want to contribute to the improvement of the HFIM Master’s program. By evaluating courses and exams we try to get a clear view on what is going well and what can still be improved. Through communication and discussion with the course coordinators, teachers and students, we want to create the best possible study atmosphere and experience.

Furthermore, we will be busy with organizing education related activities such as workshops, guest lectures and an internship event. Our goal is to organize these activities in such way, that students get inspired and can take a step forward both on professional and personal level. In addition, we are eager to invite companies to Campus Venlo to give guest lectures and/or workshops in order to broaden the view on future careers.

We hope to see you soon. If you have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us via:               

The Media Committee of ISA Umami


Chairwoman: Graciela Almeida Gomes
Secretary: Celia Deleersnijder
Treasurer: Addini Pascaramadhani

What do we do?

We are the media committee. We promote UMAMI by maintaining our social media pages (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn), designing sweaters and helping with the newsletter. We like to have close contact with the UMAMI members, that is why we try to post on social media on a weekly basis, and send out birthday e-cards to our members. We also like to promote our master’s program Health Food Innovation Management to prospective students, so we also show on social media what we do within the master’s program: fair visits, company visits, workshops and guest lectures. Of course, we cannot forget about all the fun activities UMAMI organizes after school! We are there at every activity in order to take pictures and capture any photo worthy moment!

 Feel free to contact us on: