The Social Activity Committee of ISA Umami


Chairwoman: Lisanne Boumans
Vice Chairman: Jules Jacobs
Secretary: Rachelle Hendriks
Treasurer: Rik van Dael

What do we do?

During your study in Venlo, the education is regarded as the main purpose. While this might be true, we, the Activity Committee of ISA Umami, believe that fun, meeting new people and having a great time play an important role in getting the best student experience. That is why we organize events, such as parties and fun social activities, so that you will get to know your fellow students. Furthermore, we also work together with local businesses and organizations; the local activities allow you to familiarize yourself with the city of Venlo, which is becoming more and more a student city.


One of our main events is the Member Weekend; it is a great way to start off the academic year and to meet the new HFIM students. Other activities may include international food dinner, movie nights, theme parties and many more.


We hope to make some fantastic memories together, with (new) friends and lots of fun!

Student life at the University is about studying, learning new things but it’s also about having a
good time doing fun things and meeting new people. There comes our Committee, we exist so
that we can provide you with fun and exciting activities throughout the year to make your
student experience the most enjoyable possible!!! Made up of a dynamic Team full of resources
& ideas Michelle, Maartje, Pim and myself will bring to you events such as Pub Crawl, Member
Weekend, Secret Santa Dinner and more 

Contact us:

From left to right: Rik van Dael, Rachelle Hendriks, Lisanne Boumans, Jules Jacobs


The Business Committee of ISA Umami


Chairwoman: Linda Mans

Vice Chairwoman: Claire van der Starre

Secretary: Lorenzo van Nistelrooij

Treasurer: Jill Olfers

International Commissioner: Annisa Leialohilani 

What do we do?

As Business Committee we aim to actively build and improve relationships with companies in the food industry and to create more awareness for our master program among the companies in our field. We try to accomplish this by arranging company visits to small and multinational companies in all kind of food sectors related to the Health Food Innovation Management courses. By organizing these visits, the students are able to explore different domains of a company, such as research and development, marketing, production and legal issues. By these field trips the students can experience what a future career may look like and also interact with people working in this area. Our goal is to get our students in touch with the companies and bring knowledge into practice! This year we will not only organize business trips in the Netherlands, but we also want to go abroad and organize an international business trip. 

If you have any questions or suggestions, please feel free to contact us by e-mail:


From left to right: Jill Olfers, Claire van der Starre, Lorenzo van Nistelrooij, Annisa Leialohilani, Linda Mans 


The Educational Committee of ISA Umami


Chairwoman: Winnie van Besouw

Vice-chairwoman: Ivet Panjer

Secretary: Cassy Dingena

Treasurer: Inge de Bruin

International Commissioner: Anne van den Boomen

What do we do?

You can’t improve on saying nothing! That’s why we, as the Educational Committee, try to keep improving our HFIM program and all its students involved. We aim doing this by evaluating courses and exams in which we talk to our fellow students and course coordinators to provide the tips and tops. This way, by communication and discussion, we want to create the best possible study atmosphere and experience.


Furthermore, we are busy with organizing study-related activities such as workshops, guest lectures, film events and the yearly internship event. By these activities we want to inspire students and help them to grow, both professionally and personally. At the same time, companies are invited to gain insights in the knowledge and qualities of the HFIM students, while their view on future careers can be broadened.


Suggestions, questions or feedback are always welcome, since improving and expanding are our main goals. Feel free to contact us via: or talk to us on campus!              

From left to right: Winnie van Besouw, Inge de Bruin, Cassy Dingena, Anne van den Boomen, Ivet Panjer

The Media Committee of ISA Umami


Chairwoman: Marlous Schuilwere

Secretary: Anne Terhorst

Treasurer: Ela Reitsma

What do we do?

As media committee, our main task is to let you know what Umami is up to. We keep you up to date on our social- and study-related events on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and through the monthly newsletter. In addition, we like to share up-to-date news articles on developments in the world of food and nutrition. As a bonus, we enjoy sharing recipes, and writing about sports on our social media accounts for our Umami community. Lastly, we will work on creating a promotion video which will give prospective students (or prospective employers) all the important details about what we do here at HFIM, and what a HFIM student can do for you!


So if you need a reporter, a camera, or have any questions at all, don’t hesitate to contact us!

Shoot us an email at:

From left to right: Ela Reitsma, Marlous Schuilwerve, Anne Terhorst