Internal Commissioner & Vice Chairman ISA Umami

Hey everyone!


My name is Niels Visschers and I live in a small village near Roermond, called Sint Odiliënberg. Before I started my master, I studied Biomedical Sciences (Molecular Life Sciences) at Maastricht University in Maastricht. After finishing my bachelor, I was looking for a master program which fitted best with my interests. As the master Health Food Innovation Management covers a variety of aspects like health, food and business, I believe that this is the perfect master program for me. I am interested in improving health through diet and by developing healthy food products.  

During this academic year I received the task for being the Internal Commissioner and Vice-Chairman of the board 2017/2018. As Internal Commissioner, I am mainly involved in managing the different committees and keep an eye on proper and effective functioning of these committees. The association consists of four committees - Activity, Business, Educational and Media committee - which are responsible for different activities during the year, like parties, business trips and educational workshops.  Next to being the Internal Commissioner, I will support our chairwoman Britt in her tasks in case of emergency as Vice-Chairman

I am looking forward to the upcoming academic year and together we are going to make it a successful and great year!

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me. You can also find me at the University Campus in Venlo.

Kind regards,

Niels Visschers