Internal Commissioner & Vice Chairman ISA Umami

Hi there!

My name is Tom Kerstens and I come from a little village called Vlodrop near Roermond in the Netherlands. I have lived there for almost my entire life, but from January 2017 I will be living in the ‘Umami Mansion’ in beautiful Venlo to be more involved in the local student life.

As Internal Commissioner I will be responsible for the organisation and management of our 4 committees. The committees (Business, Educational, Activity and Media) are responsible for the organisation of all kinds of events, from business trips to Friesland Campina and Unilever to workshops and guest speakers. Apart from that, a lot of fun parties and other social activities will be organised. We do this to give the members of Umami the possibility to make the most out of their master’s, so that they do not only study but also be socially active and start developing their careers and professional skills during the programme, which is of vital importance in my opinion!

In addition to my main position I will help out our admirable chairwoman Elke in times of need as Vice Chairman.

I am excited to work together with the other board members to make sure all Umami members will have a good and educational time this year. If you have any questions or remarks, please feel free to contact me anytime.


Tom Kerstens