Chairwoman of ISA Umami

Hi there,


My name is Britt van Belkom and since the 2th of November 2017, I may call myself the new chairwoman of International Study Association (ISA) Umami. Before I started the master Health Food Innovation Management (HFIM), I studied Biomedical Sciences at the University of Maastricht. During my Bachelor, the nutrition part always triggered me wherefore I chose to study in Venlo. Also, the industry-orientated way of studying fits me very well.

As chairwoman of ISA Umami, I am the first representative of the association. The chairwoman is responsible to keep an eye on the main goals and intervene if attention is driven away from these main goals. Furthermore, the chairwoman will maintain an overview on everything that is going on within the association including member’s performance and help other board members of ISA Umami.

HFIM offers students a unique way of combining science and industry. ISA Umami supports this by organizing all sorts of events like guest lectures, workshops, and business trips. Besides this, we also arrange social events like parties and a member weekend which are perfect ways of getting to know each other and improve Venlo’s student life. All of this could not be possible without our committees.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Kind regards,

Britt van Belkom