Chairman of ISA Umami

Hi there,

My name is Elke Donkers and since the 3rd of November, 2016, I may call myself the Chairwoman of ISA Umami. Before I started the HFIM master, I lived in Wageningen, where I got my bachelor degree in Nutrition and Health. Because the Master Nutrition and Health was too research-oriented to my taste, I chose to come to Venlo to follow the Health Food Innovation Management master-programme. This master fits really well to my bachelor in Nutrition and Health, while challenging me to look at nutrition not only in a scientific way, but also in a more industry-oriented way.

As Chairwoman of ISA Umami I am responsible for keeping the overview and coordination of our activities, plans and communication channels. Our main focus this year is getting in touch with relevant companies and increase awareness of HFIM among those companies, in order to increase student-opportunities.  

HFIM offers students a unique way of combining science to industry. ISA Umami supports this, by organizing all sorts of events, like guest lectures, workshops and business trips. Besides this, we also arrange social events, like parties and a member-weekend, which are perfect ways of getting to know each other. All of this couldn’t be possible without our committees. Because Campus Venlo and the HFIM master-programme are quite small, you really get to know all your fellow students, as well as the staff, which will result in a strong network later on in your life.

In case you have any questions, feel free to contact me!

Kind regards,

Elke Donkers